l.c.p.t.test_worker : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.puller.tests

Unit tests for worker.py.
Function get_netstrings Parse line as a sequence of netstrings.
Class PrearrangedStackedBranchPolicy A branch policy that returns a pre-configurable stack-on URL.
Class TestPullerWorker Test the mirroring functionality of PullerWorker.
Class TestReferenceOpener Feature tests for safe opening of branch references.
Class TestMirroredBranchPolicy Tests specific to MirroredBranchPolicy.
Class TestWorkerProtocol Tests for the client-side implementation of the protocol used to
Class TestWorkerProgressReporting Tests for the progress reporting mechanism.
def get_netstrings(line):
Parse line as a sequence of netstrings.
ReturnsA list of strings.
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