l.c.p.t.PullerWorkerMixin : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.codehosting.puller.tests.test_worker.TestPullerWorker, lp.codehosting.puller.tests.test_worker.TestWorkerProtocol, lp.codehosting.puller.tests.test_worker_formats.TestPullerWorkerFormats

Mixin for tests that want to make PullerWorker objects.

Assumes that it is mixed into a class that runs in a temporary directory, such as TestCaseInTempDir and that get_transport is provided as a method.

Method makePullerWorker Anonymous creation method for PullerWorker.
def makePullerWorker(self, src_dir=None, dest_dir=None, branch_type=None, default_stacked_on_url=None, protocol=None, policy=None):
Anonymous creation method for PullerWorker.
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