l.t.u.t.TransactionManager : class documentation

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Manage transactions for script runs.

For normal operation, every tenth intermediate transaction is actually committed. At the end, the final transaction is committed.

For dry runs, no transactions are committed and the final transaction is aborted.

Method __init__ Constructor.
Method endTransaction End this transaction and start a new one.
def __init__(self, txn, dry_run):
ParameterstxnThe transaction to commit or abort.
dry_runIf true, this is a dry run.
def endTransaction(self, intermediate=False):
End this transaction and start a new one.
ParametersintermediateWhether this is an intermediate commit. Dry-run mode aborts transactions rather than committing them; where doing that may break dependencies between steps of the algorithm, pass True so that the abort can be skipped.
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