l.t.s.validate_translations_file : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.scripts

No module docstring
Class UnknownFileType File's type is not recognized.
Function validate_unknown_file_type Fail validation: unknown file type.
Function validate_dtd Validate XPI DTD file.
Function validate_po Validate a gettext PO or POT file.
Function validate_xpi Validate an XPI archive.
Function validate_xpi_manifest Validate XPI manifest.
Class ValidateTranslationsFile Parse translations files to see if they are well-formed.
def validate_unknown_file_type(filename, content):
Fail validation: unknown file type.
def validate_dtd(filename, content):
Validate XPI DTD file.
def validate_po(filename, content):
Validate a gettext PO or POT file.
def validate_xpi(filename, content):
Validate an XPI archive.
def validate_xpi_manifest(filename, content):
Validate XPI manifest.
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