l.t.s.i.ImportQueueGardener(LaunchpadCronScript) : class documentation

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Automated gardening for the Translations import queue.
Method main Manage import queue.

Inherited from LaunchpadCronScript:

Method __init__ Construct new LaunchpadScript.
Method get_last_activity Return the last activity, if any.
Method record_activity Record the successful completion of the script.

Inherited from LaunchpadScript (via LaunchpadCronScript):

Method handle_options Undocumented
Method name Enable subclasses to override with command-line arguments.
Method dbuser Enable subclasses to override with command-line arguments.
Method add_my_options Optionally customize this hook to define your own options.
Method login Super-convenience method that avoids the import.
Method lockfilename Return lockfilename.
Method lockfilepath Undocumented
Method setup_lock Create lockfile.
Method lock_or_die Attempt to lock, and sys.exit(1) if the lock's already taken.
Method unlock Release the lock. Do this before going home.
Method run Actually run the script, executing zcml and initZopeless.
Method lock_and_run Call lock_or_die(), and then run() the script.
Method _init_zca Initialize the ZCA, this can be overridden for testing purposes.
Method _init_db Initialize the database transaction.
def main(self):
Manage import queue.

Approve uploads that can be approved automatically. Garbage-collect ones that are no longer needed. Block translations on the queue for templates that are blocked.

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