l.t.s.copy_distroseries_translations : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.scripts

Copy DistroSeries translations from its parent series.
Class SeriesTranslationFlagsModified DistroSeries' translation flags were modified while we were working.
Class SeriesStateKeeper Prepare DistroSeries state for copying, and later restore it.
Function copy_distroseries_translations Copy translations into a new DistroSeries.
def copy_distroseries_translations(source, target, txn, logger, published_sources_only=False, check_archive=None, check_distroseries=None, skip_duplicates=False):
Copy translations into a new DistroSeries.

Wraps around copy_active_translations, but also ensures that the hide_all_translations and defer_translation_imports flags are set. After copying they are restored to their previous state.

If published_sources_only is set, the set of sources in the target will be calculated and only templates for those sources will be copied.

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