l.t.m.potemplate : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.model

SQLObject implementation of IPOTemplate interface.
Function get_pofiles_for Return list of `IPOFile`s for given templates in given language.
Class POTemplate No class docstring; 56/58 methods, 1/1 static methods documented
Class POTemplateSubset No class docstring; 15/16 methods documented
Class POTemplateSet No class docstring; 11/11 methods documented
Class POTemplateSharingSubset No class docstring; 6/7 methods documented
Class POTemplateToTranslationFileDataAdapter Adapter from IPOTemplate to ITranslationFileData.
Class TranslationTemplatesCollection A Collection of POTemplate.
def get_pofiles_for(potemplates, language):
Return list of `IPOFile`s for given templates in given language.

:param potemplates: a list or sequence of `POTemplate`s.
:param language: the language that the `IPOFile`s should be for.
:return: a list of exactly one `IPOFile` for each `POTemplate`
    in `potemplates`.  They will be `POFile`s where available,
    and `DummyPOFile`s where not.
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