l.t.b.t.CurrentTranslationMessagePageView(BaseTranslationView) : class documentation

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A view for the page that renders a single translation.

See BaseTranslationView for details on how this works.

Method initialize Undocumented
Method autofocus_html_id Undocumented
Method translations_order Undocumented
Method _buildBatchNavigator See BaseTranslationView._buildBatchNavigator.
Method _initializeTranslationMessageViews See BaseTranslationView._initializeTranslationMessageViews.
Method _submitTranslations See BaseTranslationView._submitTranslations.
Method _messages_html_id Undocumented

Inherited from BaseTranslationView:

Method label The label will be used as the main page heading.
Method share_with_other_side Should these translations be shared with the other side?
Method user_is_official_translator Determine whether the current user is an official translator.
Method form_is_writeable Whether the form should accept write operations.
Method _extractLockTimestamp Extract the lock timestamp from the request.
Method _checkSubmitConditions Verify that this submission is possible and valid.
Method _receiveTranslations Process and store submitted translations for potmsgset.
Method _storeTranslations Store the translation submitted for a POTMsgSet.
Method _approveTranslation Approve message.
Method _areSuggestionsEmpty Return true if all suggestions are empty strings or None.
Method _prepareView Collect data and build a TranslationMessageView for display.
Method _initializeAltLanguage Initialize the alternative language widget and check form data.
Method _extractFormPostedTranslations Look for translations for this POTMsgSet in the form submitted.
Method _observeTranslationUpdate Observe that a translation was updated for the potmsgset.
Method _buildRedirectParams Construct parameters for redirection.
Method _redirect Redirect to the given url adding the selected filtering rules.
Method _redirectToNextPage After a successful submission, redirect to the next batch page.
def initialize(self):
def _buildBatchNavigator(self):
See BaseTranslationView._buildBatchNavigator.
def _initializeTranslationMessageViews(self):
See BaseTranslationView._initializeTranslationMessageViews.
def _submitTranslations(self):
See BaseTranslationView._submitTranslations.
def _messages_html_id(self):
def autofocus_html_id(self):
def translations_order(self):
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