l.t.b.translationimportqueue : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser

Browser views for ITranslationImportQueue.
Function replace In `string,` replace `replacement`[0] with `replacement`[1].
Function escape_js_string Escape string for use as a string in a JS <script> tag.
Class TranslationImportQueueEntryNavigation Undocumented
Interface IEditTranslationImportQueueEntryDSP Undocumented
Class TranslationImportQueueEntryView The view part of admin interface for the translation import queue.
Class TranslationImportQueueNavigation Undocumented
Class TranslationImportQueueView The global Translation Import Queue.
Class TranslationImportTargetVocabularyFactory Factory for a vocabulary containing a list of targets.
def replace(string, replacement):
In `string,` replace `replacement`[0] with `replacement`[1].
def escape_js_string(string):
Escape string for use as a string in a JS <script> tag.
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