l.t.b.t.test_translationlinksaggregator : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser.tests

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Class DumbAggregator A very simple TranslationLinksAggregator.
Function map_link Map a link the way _circumscribe does.
Class TestTranslationLinksAggregator Test TranslationLinksAggregator.
def map_link(link_target, sheets=None, add_to=None):
Map a link the way _circumscribe does.
Parameterslink_targetThe object to link to. Its URL will be used.
sheetsA list of POFiles and/or POTemplates. The link will map to these. If omitted, the list will consist of link_target itself.
add_toOptional existing dict to add the new entry to.
ReturnsA dict mapping the URL for link_target to sheets.
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