l.t.b.t.test_sharing_information : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser.tests

Tests for the POTemplate recipe view classes and templates.
Function set_translations_usage Set the translations_usage to LAUNCHPAD.
Function enable_translations_on_distroseries Undocumented
Class TestSharingInfoMixin Test display of sharing info.
Class TestSharingDetailsLinkMixin Test that the link to the sharing details page is present.
Class TestUpstreamPOTemplateSharingInfo Test display of template sharing info.
Class TestPOFileSharingInfo Test display of POFile sharing info.
Class TestDummyPOFileSharingInfo Test display of DummyPOFile sharing info.
Class TestUpstreamSharingInfo Test display of product series sharing info.
Class TestUbuntuPOTemplateSharingInfo Test display of template sharing info in an Ubuntu source package.
Class TestUbuntuSharingInfo Test display of source package sharing info.
def set_translations_usage(obj):
Set the translations_usage to LAUNCHPAD.
def enable_translations_on_distroseries(distroseries):
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