l.t.b.s.SourcePackageTranslationsView(LaunchpadView, TranslationsMixin, TranslationSharingDetailsMixin) : class documentation

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No class docstring
Method potemplates Undocumented
Method label Undocumented
Method is_sharing Whether this object is sharing translations or not.
Method sharing_productseries Undocumented
Method getTranslationSourcePackage See TranslationSharingDetailsMixin.

Inherited from TranslationsMixin:

Method translatable_languages Return a set of the Person's translatable languages.
Method answers_url Undocumented

Inherited from TranslationSharingDetailsMixin:

Method sharing_details Construct the link to the sharing details page.
def potemplates(self):
def label(self):
def is_sharing(self):
Whether this object is sharing translations or not.
def sharing_productseries(self):
def getTranslationSourcePackage(self):
See TranslationSharingDetailsMixin.
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