l.t.b.p.WorkListLinksAggregator(TranslationLinksAggregator) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.translations.browser.person.ReviewLinksAggregator, lp.translations.browser.person.TranslateLinksAggregator

Aggregate translation links for translation or review.

Here, all files are actually `POFile`s, never `POTemplate`s.
Method countStrings Count number of strings that need work.
Method describe See TranslationLinksAggregator.describe.

Inherited from TranslationLinksAggregator:

Method aggregate Aggregate sheets into a list of translation target descriptions.
Method _bundle Bundle sheets based on target: Product or SourcePackage.
Method _composeLink Produce a link to a POFile or POTemplate.
Method _getTemplate Return POTemplate for sheet.
Method _getLanguage Return language sheet is in, if sheet is an IPOFile.
Method _countLanguages Count languages among sheets.
Method _circumscribe Find the best common UI link to cover all of sheets.
def countStrings(self, pofile):
Count number of strings that need work.
def describe(self, target, link, covered_files):
See TranslationLinksAggregator.describe.
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