l.t.b.distroseries : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser

Translations view classes related to IDistroSeries.
Class DistroSeriesTranslationsAdminView Undocumented
Class DistroSeriesLanguagePackView Browser view to manage used language packs.
Class DistroSeriesTemplatesView Show a list of all templates for the DistroSeries.
Class DistroSeriesView No class docstring; 6/9 methods documented
Class DistroSeriesTranslationsMenu Undocumented
Function check_distroseries_translations_viewable Check that these distribution series translations are visible.
def check_distroseries_translations_viewable(distroseries):
Check that these distribution series translations are visible.

Launchpad admins, Translations admins, and users with admin rights on the IDistroSeries are always allowed.

Checks the hide_all_translations flag. If it is set, these translations are not to be shown to the public. In that case an appropriate message is composed based on the series' status, and a TranslationUnavailable exception is raised.

ReturnsReturns normally if this series' translations are viewable to the current user.
RaisesTranslationUnavailableif this series' translations are hidden and the user is not one of the limited caste that is allowed to access them.
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