l.t.b.customlanguagecode : module documentation

Part of lp.translations.browser

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Function check_code Is this custom language code well-formed?
Class CustomLanguageCodeBreadcrumb Breadcrumb for a CustomLanguageCode.
Class CustomLanguageCodesIndexView Listing of `CustomLanguageCode`s for a given context.
Class CustomLanguageCodeAddView Create a new custom language code.
Class CustomLanguageCodeView Undocumented
Class CustomLanguageCodeRemoveView View for removing a CustomLanguageCode.
Class HasCustomLanguageCodesTraversalMixin Navigate from an IHasCustomLanguageCodes to a CustomLanguageCode.
Class HasCustomLanguageCodesNavigation Generic navigation for IHasCustomLanguageCodes.
def check_code(custom_code):
Is this custom language code well-formed?
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