l.s.i.webservice : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.interfaces

All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.

There is a declaration in ZCML somewhere that looks like:
<webservice:register module="lp.soyuz.interfaces.webservice" />

which tells lazr.restful that it should look for webservice exports here.

Class AlreadySubscribed Raised when creating a subscription for a subscribed person.
Class ArchiveDisabled Uploading to a disabled archive is not allowed.
Class ArchiveNotPrivate Raised when creating an archive subscription for a public archive.
Class CannotCopy Exception raised when a copy cannot be performed.
Class CannotSwitchPrivacy Raised when switching the privacy of an archive that has
Class CannotUploadToArchive A reason for not being able to upload to an archive.
Class CannotUploadToPocket Returned when a pocket is closed for uploads.
Class CannotUploadToPPA Raised when a person cannot upload to a PPA.
Class ComponentNotFound Invalid component name.
Interface IArchive Main Archive interface.
Interface IArchiveSet Interface for ArchiveSet
Class InsufficientUploadRights Raised when a person has insufficient upload rights.
Class InvalidComponent Invalid component name.
Class InvalidPocketForPartnerArchive Partner archives only support some pockets.
Class InvalidPocketForPPA PPAs only support some pockets.
Class NoRightsForArchive Raised when a person has absolutely no upload rights to an archive.
Class NoRightsForComponent Raised when a person tries to upload to a component without permission.
Class NoSuchPPA Raised when we try to look up an PPA that doesn't exist.
Class NoTokensForTeams Raised when creating a token for a team, rather than a person.
Class PocketNotFound Invalid pocket.
Class VersionRequiresName Raised on some queries when version is specified but name is not.
Interface IArchiveDependency ArchiveDependency interface.
Interface IArchivePermission The interface for ArchivePermission.
Interface IArchiveSubscriber An interface for archive subscribers.
Class CannotBeRescored Raised when rescoring a build that cannot be rescored.
Interface IBinaryPackageBuild A Build interface
Interface IBinaryPackageReleaseDownloadCount Daily download count of a binary package release in an archive.
Interface IDistroArchSeries An architecture for a distroseries.
Interface ILiveFS A buildable live filesystem image.
Interface ILiveFSSet A utility to create and access live filesystems.
Interface ILiveFSBuild Build information for live filesystem builds.
Class DuplicatePackagesetName Raised for packagesets with the same name and distroseries.
Interface IPackageset An interface for package sets.
Interface IPackagesetSet An interface for multiple package sets.
Class NoSuchPackageSet Raised when we try to look up an PackageSet that doesn't exist.
Interface IBinaryPackagePublishingHistory A binary package publishing record.
Interface ISourcePackagePublishingHistory A source package publishing history record.
Interface IPackageUpload A Queue item for the archive uploader.
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