l.s.i.w.IBinaryPackagePublishingHistory(IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryPublic, IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryEdit) : interface documentation

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A binary package publishing record.

Inherited from IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryPublic:

Int id Undocumented
Int binarypackagenameID Undocumented
Attribute binarypackagename The binary package name being published
Int binarypackagereleaseID Undocumented
Attribute binarypackagerelease The binary package release being published
Attribute source_package_name The source package name that built this binary.
Int distroarchseriesID Undocumented
Attribute distroseries The distroseries being published into
Int component Undocumented
Int section Undocumented
Int priority Undocumented
Int supersededby Undocumented
Attribute distroarchseriesbinarypackagerelease The object that represents this binarypackagerelease in this distroarchseries.
Method getOtherPublications Return remaining publications with the same overrides.
Method supersede Supersede this publication.
Method copyTo Copy this publication to another location.
Method getDownloadCount Get the download count of this binary package in this archive.
Method getDownloadCounts Get detailed download counts for this binary.
Method getDailyDownloadTotals Get the daily download counts for this binary.
Method binaryFileUrls URLs for this binary publication's binary files.

Inherited from IPublishingView (via IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryPublic):

Attribute files Files included in this publication.
Attribute age Age of the publishing record.
Method publish Publish or ensure contents of this publish record
Method requestObsolescence Make this publication obsolete.

Inherited from IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryEdit:

Method changeOverride Change the component/section/priority/phase of this publication.

Inherited from IPublishingEdit (via IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryEdit):

Method requestDeletion Delete this publication.
Method api_requestDeletion Delete this source and its binaries.
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