l.s.i.p.IBinaryPackagePublishingHistoryEdit(IPublishingEdit) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.soyuz.interfaces.webservice.IBinaryPackagePublishingHistory

A writeable binary package publishing record.
Method changeOverride Change the component/section/priority/phase of this publication.

Inherited from IPublishingEdit:

Method requestDeletion Delete this publication.
Method api_requestDeletion Delete this source and its binaries.
@operation_parameters(TextLine(u'The new component name.'), TextLine(u'The new section name.'), TextLine(u'The new priority name.'), Int(u'The new phased update percentage.'))
def changeOverride(new_component=None, new_section=None, new_priority=None, new_phased_update_percentage=None):
Change the component/section/priority/phase of this publication.

It is changed only if the argument is not None.

Passing new_phased_update_percentage=100 has the effect of setting the phased update percentage to None (i.e. recommended for all users).

Return the overridden publishing record, a IBinaryPackagePublishingHistory.

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