l.s.i.w.ISourcePackagePublishingHistory(ISourcePackagePublishingHistoryPublic, ISourcePackagePublishingHistoryEdit) : interface documentation

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A source package publishing history record.

Inherited from ISourcePackagePublishingHistoryPublic:

Int id Undocumented
Int sourcepackagenameID Undocumented
Attribute sourcepackagename The source package name being published
Int sourcepackagereleaseID Undocumented
Attribute sourcepackagerelease The source package release being published
Attribute distroseriesID DB ID for distroseries.
Int component Undocumented
Attribute sectionID DB ID for the section
Int section Undocumented
Int supersededby Undocumented
Attribute removed_byID DB ID for removed_by.
Attribute meta_sourcepackage Return an ISourcePackage meta object correspondent to the sourcepackagerelease attribute inside a specific distroseries
Attribute meta_distributionsourcepackagerelease Return an IDistributionSourcePackageRelease meta object correspondent to the sourcepackagerelease attribute inside this distribution
Attribute newer_distroseries_version An IDistroSeriosSourcePackageRelease with a newer version of this package that has been published in the main distribution series, if one exists, or None.
Attribute creatorID DB ID for creator.
Attribute sponsorID DB ID for sponsor.
Method getPublishedBinaries Return all resulted IBinaryPackagePublishingHistory.
Method getBuiltBinaries Return all unique binary publications built by this source.
Method getBuilds Return a list of IBuild objects in this publishing context.
Method getFileByName Return the file with the specified name.
Method changesFileUrl The .changes file URL for this source publication.
Method changelogUrl The URL for this source package release's changelog.
Method createMissingBuilds Create missing Build records for a published source.
Method getSourceAndBinaryLibraryFiles Return a list of LibraryFileAlias for all source and binaries.
Method supersede Supersede this publication.
Method copyTo Copy this publication to another location.
Method getStatusSummaryForBuilds Return a summary of the build status for the related builds.
Method sourceFileUrls URLs for this source publication's uploaded source files.
Method binaryFileUrls URLs for this source publication's binary files.
Method packageDiffUrl URL of the debdiff file between this and the supplied version.

Inherited from IPublishingView (via ISourcePackagePublishingHistoryPublic):

Attribute files Files included in this publication.
Attribute age Age of the publishing record.
Method publish Publish or ensure contents of this publish record
Method requestObsolescence Make this publication obsolete.

Inherited from ISourcePackagePublishingHistoryEdit:

Method changeOverride Change the component and/or section of this publication.

Inherited from IPublishingEdit (via ISourcePackagePublishingHistoryEdit):

Method requestDeletion Delete this publication.
Method api_requestDeletion Delete this source and its binaries.
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