l.s.i.l.ILiveFSView(IPrivacy) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.soyuz.interfaces.webservice.ILiveFS

ILiveFS attributes that require launchpad.View permission.
Method requestBuild Request that the live filesystem be built.

Inherited from IPrivacy:

Bool private Private objects are visible to members or subscribers.
@operation_parameters(Reference(IArchive), Reference(IDistroArchSeries), Choice(PackagePublishingPocket), TextLine(_('A unique key for this build, if required.'), False), Dict(_('A dict of data about the image.'), TextLine(), False), TextLine(_('A version string for this build.')))
@export_factory_operation(Interface, )
def requestBuild(requester, archive, distro_arch_series, pocket, unique_key=None, metadata_override=None, version=None):
Request that the live filesystem be built.
ParametersrequesterThe person requesting the build.
archiveThe IArchive to associate the build with.
distro_arch_seriesThe architecture to build for.
pocketThe pocket that should be targeted.
unique_keyAn optional unique key for this build; if set, this identifies a class of builds for this live filesystem.
metadata_overrideAn optional JSON string with a dict of data about the image; this will be merged into the metadata dict for the live filesystem.
versionA version string for this build; if not set, a version string will be generated from the date and time when the build was requested.
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