l.s.i.livefs : module documentation

Part of lp.soyuz.interfaces

Live filesystem interfaces.
Class LiveFSBuildAlreadyPending A build was requested when an identical build was already pending.
Class LiveFSBuildArchiveOwnerMismatch Builds into private archives require that owners match.
Class LiveFSFeatureDisabled Only certain users can create new LiveFS-related objects.
Class DuplicateLiveFSName Raised for live filesystems with duplicate name/owner/distroseries.
Class LiveFSNotOwner The registrant/requester is not the owner or a member of its team.
Class NoSuchLiveFS The requested LiveFS does not exist.
Class CannotDeleteLiveFS This live filesystem cannot be deleted.
Interface ILiveFSView ILiveFS attributes that require launchpad.View permission.
Interface ILiveFSEdit ILiveFS methods that require launchpad.Edit permission.
Interface ILiveFSEditableAttributes ILiveFS attributes that can be edited.
Interface ILiveFSModerateAttributes Restricted ILiveFS attributes.
Interface ILiveFSAdminAttributes ILiveFS attributes that can be edited by admins.
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