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Archive package copying view class.

This view presents a package selection slot in a POST form implementing a copying action that can be performed upon a set of selected packages.

Method label Undocumented
Method default_status_filter Present published records by default.
Method setUpFields Override ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView.
Method ppas_for_user Return all PPAs for which the user accessing the page can copy.
Method can_copy Whether or not the current user can copy packages to any PPA.
Method can_copy_to_context_ppa Whether or not the current user can copy to the context PPA.
Method createDestinationArchiveField Create the 'destination_archive' field.
Method createDestinationSeriesField Create the 'destination_series' field.
Method createIncludeBinariesField Create the 'include_binaries' field.
Method update_action Simply re-issue the form with the new values.
Method copy_action Perform the copy of the selected packages.

Inherited from ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView:

Method setNextURL Set self.next_url based on current context.
Method setUpWidgets Setup our custom widget which depends on the filter widget values.
Method focusedElementScript Override LaunchpadFormView.
Method createSelectedSourcesField Creates the 'selected_sources' field.
Method action_url The forms should post to themselves, including GET params.

Inherited from ArchiveSourcePackageListViewBase (via ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView):

Method series_with_sources Cache the context's series with sources.
Method specified_name_filter Return the specified name filter if one was specified
Method getSelectedFilterValue Return the selected filter or the default, given a filter name.
Method plain_status_filter_widget Render a <select> control with no <div>s around it.
Method plain_series_filter_widget Render a <select> control with no <div>s around it.
Method filtered_sources Return the source results for display after filtering.
Method default_series_filter Return the default series_filter value.
Method batchnav Return a batch navigator of the filtered sources.
Method batched_sources Return the current batch of archive source publications.
Method has_sources_for_display Whether or not the PPA has any source packages for display.

Inherited from ArchiveViewBase (via ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView, ArchiveSourcePackageListViewBase):

Method initialize Undocumented
Method private Undocumented
Method repository_usage Return a dictionary with usage details of this repository.
Method archive_label Return either 'PPA' or 'Archive' as the label for archives.
Method build_counters Return a dict representation of the build counters.
Method dependencies Undocumented
Method show_dependencies Whether or not to present the archive-dependencies section.
Method has_disabled_dependencies Whether this archive has disabled archive dependencies or not.
Method package_copy_requests Return any package copy requests associated with this archive.
Method disabled_warning_message Return an appropriate message if the archive is disabled.

Inherited from SourcesListEntriesWidget (via ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView, ArchiveSourcePackageListViewBase, ArchiveViewBase):

Method sources_list_entries Setup and return the sources list entries widget.
Method active_token Return the corresponding current token for this subscription.
Method archive_url Return an archive_url where available, or None.
Method has_sources Whether or not this PPA has any sources for the view.

Inherited from LaunchpadFormView (via ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView, ArchiveSourcePackageListViewBase):

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method initialize Override this in subclasses.
Method render Return the body of the response.
Method extendFields Allow subclasses to extend the form fields.
Method help_links Dictionary mapping field names to help links.
Method adapters Provide custom adapters for use when setting up the widgets.
Method has_available_actions Does the view have any available actions that will render?
Method initial_values Override this in your subclass if you want any widgets to have
Method addError Add a form wide error.
Method getFieldError Get the error associated with a particular field.
Method setFieldError Set the error associated with a particular field.
Static Method validate_none Do not do any validation.
Method validate_widgets Validate the named form widgets.
Method error_count Undocumented
Method ajax_failure_handler Called by the form if validate() finds any errors.
Method validate Validate the form.
Method validate_cancel Noop validation in case we cancel.
Method isSingleLineLayout Undocumented
Method isMultiLineLayout Undocumented
Method isCheckBoxLayout Undocumented
Method showOptionalMarker Should the (Optional) marker be shown?
Method _processNotifications Add any notification messages to the response headers.
Method _abort Abort the form edit.
Method _validate Check all widgets and perform any custom validation.

Inherited from LaunchpadView (via ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView, ArchiveSourcePackageListViewBase, LaunchpadFormView):

Method private A view is private if its context is.
Method information_type A view has the information_type of its context.
Method information_type_description A view has the information_type_description of its context.
Method beta_features Undocumented
Method page_description Return a string containing a description of the context.
Method template The page's template, if configured in zcml.
Method yui_version The version of YUI we are using.
Method yui_console_debug Hide console debug messages in production.
Method combo_url Return the URL for the combo loader.
Method __call__ Undocumented
Method getCacheJSON Undocumented
Method publishTraverse See IBrowserPublisher.
Method recommended_canonical_url Canonical URL to be recommended in metadata.
Method related_feature_info Related feature flags that are active for this context and scope.
Method _get_json_cache Undocumented
Method _isRedirected Return True if a redirect was requested.
Method _getErrorMessage Property getter for error_message.
Method _setErrorMessage Property setter for error_message.
Method _getInfoMessage Property getter for info_message.
Method _setInfoMessage Property setter for info_message.

Inherited from UserAttributeCache (via ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView, ArchiveSourcePackageListViewBase, LaunchpadFormView, LaunchpadView):

Method account Undocumented
Method user The logged-in Person, or None if there is no one logged in.

Inherited from PackageCopyingMixin:

Method do_copy Copy packages and add appropriate feedback to the browser page.
def label(self):
def default_status_filter(self):
Present published records by default.
def setUpFields(self):
Override ArchiveSourceSelectionFormView.

See createDestinationFields method.

def ppas_for_user(self):
Return all PPAs for which the user accessing the page can copy.
def can_copy(self):
Whether or not the current user can copy packages to any PPA.
def can_copy_to_context_ppa(self):
Whether or not the current user can copy to the context PPA.

It's always False for non-PPA archives, copies to non-PPA archives are explicitly denied in the UI.

def createDestinationArchiveField(self):
Create the 'destination_archive' field.
def createDestinationSeriesField(self):
Create the 'destination_series' field.
def createIncludeBinariesField(self):
Create the 'include_binaries' field.

'include_binaries' widget is a choice, rendered as radio-buttons, with two options that provides a Boolean as its value:

|| Option || Value || || REBUILD_SOURCES || False || || COPY_BINARIES || True ||

When omitted in the form, this widget defaults for REBUILD_SOURCES option when rendered.

@action(_('Update'), 'update')
def update_action(self, action, data):
Simply re-issue the form with the new values.
@action(_('Copy Packages'), 'copy')
def copy_action(self, action, data):
Perform the copy of the selected packages.

Ensure that at least one source is selected. Executes do_copy for all the selected sources.

If do_copy raises CannotCopy the error content is set as the 'selected_sources' field error.

if do_copy succeeds, an informational messages is set containing the copied packages.

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