l.s.w.t.test_authorization : module documentation

Part of lp.services.webapp.tests

Tests for lp.services.webapp.authorization.
Class Allow An IAuthorization adapter allowing everything.
Class Deny An IAuthorization adapter denying everything.
Class Explode An IAuthorization adapter that explodes when used.
Class Checker See IAuthorization.
Class CheckerFactory Factory for Checker objects.
Class Object An arbitrary object, adaptable to IObjectPrivacy.
Class AnotherObjectOne Another arbitrary object.
Class AnotherObjectTwo Another arbitrary object.
Class Delegate An IAuthorization adapter that delegates.
Class PermissionAccessLevel A minimal implementation of ILaunchpadPermission.
Class FakePerson A minimal object to represent a person.
Class FakeLaunchpadPrincipal A minimal principal implementing ILaunchpadPrincipal
Class FakeStore Enough of a store to fool the block_implicit_flushes decorator.
Class FakeStoreSelector A store selector that always returns a FakeStore.
Class TestCheckPermissionCaching Test the caching done by LaunchpadSecurityPolicy.checkPermission.
Class TestLaunchpadSecurityPolicy_getPrincipalsAccessLevel No class docstring; 3/4 methods documented
Interface ILoneObject A marker interface for objects that only contain themselves.
Class LoneObject Undocumented
Class LoneObjectURL Undocumented
Function adapt_loneobject_to_container Adapt a LoneObject to an ILaunchpadContainer.
Class TestPrecachePermissionForObjects Test the precaching of permissions.
Class TestIterAuthorization Tests for iter_authorization.
Class AvailableWithPermissionObject An object used to test available_with_permission.
Class TestAvailableWithPermission Test the available_with_permission decorator.
def adapt_loneobject_to_container(loneobj):
Adapt a LoneObject to an ILaunchpadContainer.
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