l.s.w.s.ProtocolErrorRequest(LaunchpadBrowserRequest) : class documentation

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An HTTP request that happened to result in an HTTP error.
Method traverse It's already been determined that there's an error. Return None.

Inherited from LaunchpadBrowserRequest:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method form_ng See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.
Method setPrincipal Undocumented
Method clearSecurityPolicyCache Undocumented
Method beforeCompletion See ISynchronizer.
Method afterCompletion See ISynchronizer.
Method newTransaction See ISynchronizer.
Method _createResponse As per zope.publisher.browser.BrowserRequest._createResponse
Method _decode Undocumented

Inherited from BasicLaunchpadRequest (via LaunchpadBrowserRequest):

Method stepstogo Undocumented
Method retry See IPublisherRequest.
Method getNearest See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.getNearest()
Method setInWSGIEnvironment Set a key-value pair in the WSGI environment of this request.
Method query_string_params See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.

Inherited from LaunchpadBrowserRequestMixin (via LaunchpadBrowserRequest, BasicLaunchpadRequest):

Method getRootURL See IBasicLaunchpadRequest.
Method is_ajax See IBasicLaunchpadRequest.
Method getURL See IBasicLaunchpadRequest.

Inherited from NotificationRequest (via LaunchpadBrowserRequest):

Method notifications Undocumented
def traverse(self, object):
It's already been determined that there's an error. Return None.
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