l.s.w.s.BasicLaunchpadRequest(LaunchpadBrowserRequestMixin) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.services.webapp.servers.LaunchpadBrowserRequest, lp.services.webapp.servers.PublicXMLRPCRequest

Mixin request class to provide stepstogo.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method stepstogo Undocumented
Method retry See IPublisherRequest.
Method getNearest See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.getNearest()
Method setInWSGIEnvironment Set a key-value pair in the WSGI environment of this request.
Method query_string_params See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.

Inherited from LaunchpadBrowserRequestMixin:

Method getRootURL See IBasicLaunchpadRequest.
Method is_ajax See IBasicLaunchpadRequest.
Method getURL See IBasicLaunchpadRequest.
def __init__(self, body_instream, environ, response=None):
def stepstogo(self):
def retry(self):
See IPublisherRequest.
def getNearest(self, *some_interfaces):
See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.getNearest()
def setInWSGIEnvironment(self, key, value):
Set a key-value pair in the WSGI environment of this request.

Raises KeyError if the key is already present in the environment but not set with setInWSGIEnvironment().

def query_string_params(self):
See ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest.
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