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No interface docstring
Method add Stick the object into the correct attribute of the ILaunchBag,
Method clear Empty the bag
Method setLogin Set the login to the given value.
Method setDeveloper Set the developer flag.

Inherited from ILaunchBag:

Attribute person IPerson, or None
Attribute projectgroup IProjectGroup, or None
Attribute product IProduct, or None
Attribute distribution IDistribution, or None
Attribute distroseries IDistroSeries, or None
Attribute distroarchseries IDistroArchSeries, or None
Attribute sourcepackage ISourcepackage, or None
Attribute sourcepackagereleasepublishing ISourcepackageReleasePublishing, or None
Attribute bug IBug, or None
Attribute bugtask IBugTask, or None
Attribute account Currently authenticated IAccount, or None
Attribute user Currently authenticated IPerson, or None
Attribute login The login used by the authenticated person, or None
Attribute time_zone The user's time zone
Bool developer Undocumented
def add(ob):
Stick the object into the correct attribute of the ILaunchBag, or ignored, or whatever
def clear():
Empty the bag
def setLogin(login):
Set the login to the given value.
def setDeveloper():
Set the developer flag.

Because we use this during exception handling, we need this set and cached at the start of the transaction in case our database connection blows up.

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