l.s.w.i.ILaunchpadBrowserApplicationRequest(IBasicLaunchpadRequest, IBrowserApplicationRequest) : interface documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.services.webhooks.payload.IWebhookPayloadRequest

The request interface to the application for LP browser requests.
Object form_ng Undocumented

Inherited from IBasicLaunchpadRequest:

Attribute stepstogo The StepsToGo object for this request, allowing you to inspect and alter the remaining traversal steps.
Attribute traversed_objects List of traversed objects. This is appended to during traversal.
Attribute query_string_params A dictionary of the query string parameters.
Bool is_ajax Indicates whether the request is an XMLHttpRequest.
Method getRootURL Return this request's root URL.
Method getNearest Searches for the last traversed object to implement one of
Method getURL See IHTTPApplicationRequest.
form_ng =
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