l.s.d.debug : module documentation

Part of lp.services.database

Replace the psycopg connect method with one that returns a wrapped connection.
Function LN Prints a line number and some text.
Class ConnectionWrapper Undocumented
Function debug_connect Undocumented
Function install Undocumented
Function uninstall Undocumented
def LN(*args, **kwargs):
Prints a line number and some text.

A variable number of positional arguments are allowed. If
    LN(obj0, obj1, obj2)
is called, the text part of the output looks like the output from
    print obj0, obj1, obj2
The optional keyword "wrap" causes the message to be line-wrapped. The
argument to "wrap" should be "1" or "True". "name" is another optional
keyword parameter. This is best explained by an example:
    from linenum import LN
    def fun1():
        print LN('error', 'is', 'here')
    def fun2():
        print LN('error',  'is', 'here', name='mess')
The output is:
    L3 fun1: error is here
    L5 mess: error is here
def debug_connect(*args, **kw):
def install():
def uninstall():
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