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Database garbage collection.
Function load_garbo_job_state Undocumented
Function save_garbo_job_state Undocumented
Class BulkPruner A abstract ITunableLoop base class for simple pruners.
Class LoginTokenPruner Remove old LoginToken rows.
Class POTranslationPruner Remove unlinked POTranslation entries.
Class SessionPruner Base class for session removal.
Class AntiqueSessionPruner Remove sessions not accessed for 60 days
Class UnusedSessionPruner Remove sessions older than 1 day with no authentication credentials.
Class DuplicateSessionPruner Remove all but the most recent 6 authenticated sessions for a user.
Class PreviewDiffPruner A BulkPruner to remove old PreviewDiffs.
Class DiffPruner A BulkPruner to remove all unreferenced Diffs.
Class UnlinkedAccountPruner Remove Account records not linked to a Person.
Class BugSummaryJournalRollup Rollup BugSummaryJournal rows into BugSummary.
Class VoucherRedeemer Redeem pending sales vouchers with Salesforce.
Class PopulateDistributionSourcePackageCache Populate the DistributionSourcePackageCache table.
Class PopulateLatestPersonSourcePackageReleaseCache Populate the LatestPersonSourcePackageReleaseCache table.
Class OpenIDConsumerNoncePruner An ITunableLoop to prune old OpenIDConsumerNonce records.
Class OpenIDConsumerAssociationPruner Undocumented
Class RevisionCachePruner A tunable loop to remove old revisions from the cache.
Class CodeImportEventPruner Prune `CodeImportEvent`s that are more than a month old.
Class CodeImportResultPruner A TunableLoop to prune unwanted CodeImportResult rows.
Class RevisionAuthorEmailLinker A TunableLoop that links RevisionAuthor objects to Person objects.
Class HWSubmissionEmailLinker A TunableLoop that links HWSubmission objects to Person objects.
Class PersonPruner Undocumented
Class TeamMembershipPruner Remove team memberships for merged people.
Class BugNotificationPruner Prune BugNotificationRecipient records no longer of interest.
Class AnswerContactPruner Remove old answer contacts which are no longer required.
Class BranchJobPruner Prune `BranchJob`s that are in a final state and more than a month old.
Class GitJobPruner Prune `GitJob`s that are in a final state and more than a month old.
Class SnapBuildJobPruner Prune `SnapBuildJob`s that are in a final state and more than a month
Class WebhookJobPruner Prune WebhookJobs that finished more than a month ago.
Class BugHeatUpdater A TunableLoop for bug heat calculations.
Class BugWatchActivityPruner A TunableLoop to prune BugWatchActivity entries.
Class ObsoleteBugAttachmentPruner Delete bug attachments without a LibraryFileContent record.
Class OldTimeLimitedTokenDeleter Delete expired url access tokens from the session DB.
Class SuggestiveTemplatesCacheUpdater Refresh the SuggestivePOTemplate cache.
Class UnusedPOTMsgSetPruner Cleans up unused POTMsgSets.
Class UnusedAccessPolicyPruner Deletes unused AccessPolicy and AccessPolicyGrants for products.
Class ProductVCSPopulator Populates product.vcs from product.inferred_vcs if not set.
Class LiveFSFilePruner A BulkPruner to remove old `LiveFSFile`s.
Class SnapFilePruner Prune old `SnapFile`s that have been uploaded to the store.
Class BaseDatabaseGarbageCollector Abstract base class to run a collection of TunableLoops.
Class FrequentDatabaseGarbageCollector Run every 5 minutes.
Class HourlyDatabaseGarbageCollector Run every hour.
Class DailyDatabaseGarbageCollector Run every day.
def load_garbo_job_state(job_name):
def save_garbo_job_state(job_name, job_data):
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