l.s.g.SnapFilePruner(BulkPruner) : class documentation

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Prune old `SnapFile`s that have been uploaded to the store.

Snaps attached to `SnapBuild`s are typically very large, and once
they've been uploaded to the store we don't really need to keep them in
Launchpad as well.  Other files are either small or don't exist anywhere
else, so we preserve those indefinitely.

Inherited from BulkPruner:

Method getStore The master Store for the table we are pruning.
Method __init__ Undocumented
Method isDone See ITunableLoop.
Method __call__ See ITunableLoop.
Method cleanUp See ITunableLoop.

Inherited from TunableLoop (via BulkPruner):

Method run Undocumented
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