l.r.i.p.ProjectGroupNameField(PillarNameField) : class documentation

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Method _content_iface Return the content interface.

Inherited from PillarNameField:

Method _getByName Return the content object with the given name.

Inherited from BlacklistableContentNameField (via PillarNameField):

Method _validate Check that the given name is valid, unique and not blacklisted.

Inherited from ContentNameField (via PillarNameField, BlacklistableContentNameField):

Method _getByAttribute Return the content object with the given attribute.

Inherited from UniqueField (via PillarNameField, BlacklistableContentNameField, ContentNameField):

Method unchanged Return True if the attribute on the object is unchanged.
Method _isValueTaken Returns true if and only if the specified value is already taken.
def _content_iface(self):
Return the content interface.

Override this in subclasses.

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