l.r.b.m.RegistryCollectionActionMenuBase(NavigationMenu, TopLevelMenuMixin) : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.blueprints.browser.sprint.SprintSetNavigationMenu, lp.registry.browser.distribution.DistributionSetActionNavigationMenu, lp.registry.browser.person.PersonSetActionNavigationMenu, lp.registry.browser.product.ProductSetNavigationMenu, lp.registry.browser.project.ProjectSetNavigationMenu

Action menu for top level registry collections.

Because of the way menus work, you need to subclass this menu class and set the usedfor attribute on the subclass. usedfor should point to the interface of the context object, so we can't do that for you.

You should also set the links attribute to get just the menu items you want for the collection's overview page.

Inherited from TopLevelMenuMixin:

Method projects Undocumented
Method distributions Undocumented
Method people Undocumented
Method meetings Undocumented
Method project_groups Undocumented
Method register_project Undocumented
Method register_team Undocumented
Method register_distribution Undocumented
Method create_account Undocumented
Method request_merge Undocumented
Method admin_merge_people Undocumented
Method admin_merge_teams Undocumented
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