l.c.v.t.t.TestingServer(LaunchpadInternalServer) : class documentation

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A Server that provides instances of LaunchpadTransport for testing.

See the comment in _transportFactory about what we actually test and TestLaunchpadTransportImplementation for the actual TestCase class.

Method __init__ Initialize the server.
Method get_bogus_url Undocumented
Method tearDown See LaunchpadInternalServer.tearDown.
Method _transportFactory See LaunchpadInternalServer._transportFactory.

Inherited from LaunchpadInternalServer:

Method start_server See Server.start_server.
Method destroy Delete the on-disk branches and tear down.

Inherited from _BaseLaunchpadServer (via LaunchpadInternalServer):

Method translateVirtualPath See AsyncVirtualServer.translateVirtualPath.

Inherited from AsyncVirtualServer (via LaunchpadInternalServer, _BaseLaunchpadServer):

Method get_url Return the URL of this server.
Method stop_server See Server.stop_server.
def __init__(self):
Initialize the server.

We register ourselves with the scheme lp-testing=${id(self)}:/// using an in-memory XML-RPC client and backed onto a LocalTransport.

def get_bogus_url(self):
def _transportFactory(self, url):
See LaunchpadInternalServer._transportFactory.

As LaunchpadTransport 'acts all kinds of crazy' above the .bzr directory of a branch (forbidding file or directory creation at some levels, enforcing naming restrictions at others), we test a LaunchpadTransport chrooted into the .bzr directory of a branch.

def tearDown(self):
See LaunchpadInternalServer.tearDown.

In addition to calling the overridden method, we tear down any ChrootServer instances we've set up.

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