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Known subclasses: lp.codehosting.vfs.__init__.LaunchpadServer, lp.codehosting.vfs.branchfs.LaunchpadInternalServer

Bazaar Server for translating Lanuchpad paths via XML-RPC.

This server provides facilities for transports that use a virtual filesystem, backed by an XML-RPC server.

For more information, see the module docstring.

Instance Variables_branchfs_clientAn object that has a method 'translatePath' that returns a Deferred that fires information about how a path can be translated into a transport. See IBranchFilesystem['translatePath'].
_transport_dispatchAn ITransportDispatch provider used to convert the data from the branchfs client into an actual transport and path on that transport.
Method __init__ Construct a LaunchpadServer.
Method translateVirtualPath See AsyncVirtualServer.translateVirtualPath.

Inherited from AsyncVirtualServer:

Method get_url Return the URL of this server.
Method start_server See Server.start_server.
Method stop_server See Server.stop_server.
Method _transportFactory Create a transport for this server pointing at url.
def __init__(self, scheme, codehosting_api, user_id, seen_new_branch_hook=None):
Construct a LaunchpadServer.
ParametersschemeThe URL scheme to use.
codehosting_apiAn XML-RPC client that implements callRemote.
user_idThe database ID for the user who is accessing branches.
seen_new_branch_hookA callable that will be called once for each branch accessed via this server.
def translateVirtualPath(self, virtual_url_fragment):
See AsyncVirtualServer.translateVirtualPath.

Call 'translatePath' on the branchfs client with the fragment and then use 'makeTransport' on the _transport_dispatch to translate that result into a transport and trailing path.

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