l.c.v.t.test_branchfs : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.vfs.tests

Tests for the branch filesystem.
Function branch_to_path Undocumented
Class TestBranchTransportDispatch Undocumented
Class TestTransportDispatch Tests for the transport factory.
Class TestBranchIDToPath Tests for branch_id_to_path.
Class MixinBaseLaunchpadServerTests Common tests for _BaseLaunchpadServer subclasses.
Class TestLaunchpadServer Undocumented
Class LaunchpadInternalServerTests Tests for the internal server classes, used by e.g. the scanner.
Class TestLaunchpadInternalServer Tests for LaunchpadInternalServer, used by the puller and scanner.
Class TestDirectDatabaseLaunchpadServer Tests for DirectDatabaseLaunchpadServer.
Class TestAsyncVirtualTransport Tests for AsyncVirtualTransport.
Class LaunchpadTransportTests Tests for a Launchpad transport.
Class TestLaunchpadTransportSync Undocumented
Class TestLaunchpadTransportAsync Undocumented
Class TestBranchChangedNotification Test notification of branch changes.
Class TestBranchChangedErrorHandling Test handling of errors when branchChange is called.
Class TestLaunchpadTransportReadOnly Tests for read-only operations on the LaunchpadTransport.
Class TestGetLPServer Tests for get_lp_server.
Class TestRealBranchLocation No class docstring; 1/1 methods documented
def branch_to_path(branch, add_slash=True):
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