l.c.v.b.DirectDatabaseLaunchpadServer(AsyncVirtualServer) : class documentation

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Method __init__ Construct an AsyncVirtualServer.
Method start_server See Server.start_server.
Method destroy Delete the on-disk branches and tear down.
Method translateVirtualPath See AsyncVirtualServer.translateVirtualPath.

Inherited from AsyncVirtualServer:

Method get_url Return the URL of this server.
Method stop_server See Server.stop_server.
Method _transportFactory Create a transport for this server pointing at url.
def __init__(self, scheme, branch_transport):
Construct an AsyncVirtualServer.
ParametersschemeThe URL scheme to use.
def start_server(self):
See Server.start_server.
def destroy(self):
Delete the on-disk branches and tear down.
def translateVirtualPath(self, virtual_url_fragment):
See AsyncVirtualServer.translateVirtualPath.

This implementation connects to the database directly.

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