l.c.c.t.t.T.WorkerMonitor(CodeImportWorkerMonitor) : class documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.codeimport.tests.test_workermonitor.TestWorkerMonitorUnit View In Hierarchy

A subclass of CodeImportWorkerMonitor that stubs logging OOPSes.
Method _logOopsFromFailure Undocumented

Inherited from CodeImportWorkerMonitor:

Method __init__ Construct an instance.
Method getWorkerArguments Get arguments for the worker for the import we are working on.
Method updateHeartbeat Call the updateHeartbeat method for the job we are working on.
Method finishJob Call the finishJobID method for the job we are working on.
Method run Perform the import.
Method callFinishJob Call finishJob() with the appropriate status.
Method _trap_nosuchcodeimportjob Undocumented
Method _createLibrarianFileAlias Call IFileUploadClient.remoteAddFile with the given parameters.
Method _makeProcessProtocol Make an CodeImportWorkerMonitorProtocol for a subprocess.
Method _launchProcess Launch the code-import-worker.py child process.
Method _silenceQuietExit Quietly swallow a ExitQuietly failure.
Method _reasonToStatus Translate the 'reason' for process exit into a result status.
def _logOopsFromFailure(self, failure):
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