l.c.c.t.test_workermonitor : module documentation

Part of lp.codehosting.codeimport.tests

Tests for the CodeImportWorkerMonitor and related classes.
Class TestWorkerMonitorProtocol No class docstring; 0/1 classes, 1/7 methods documented
Class FakeCodeImportScheduleEndpointProxy A fake implementation of a proxy to ICodeImportScheduler.
Class TestWorkerMonitorUnit Unit tests for most of the CodeImportWorkerMonitor class.
Class TestWorkerMonitorRunNoProcess Tests for CodeImportWorkerMonitor.run that don't launch a subprocess.
Function nuke_codeimport_sample_data Delete all the sample data that might interfere with tests.
Class CIWorkerMonitorProtocolForTesting A CodeImportWorkerMonitorProtocol that counts resetTimeout calls.
Class CIWorkerMonitorForTesting A CodeImportWorkerMonitor that hangs on to the process protocol.
Class TestWorkerMonitorIntegration No class docstring; 11/20 methods documented
Class DeferredOnExit Undocumented
Class TestWorkerMonitorIntegrationScript Tests for CodeImportWorkerMonitor that execute a child process.
def nuke_codeimport_sample_data():
Delete all the sample data that might interfere with tests.
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