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See IPreviewDiff.
Method title See IPreviewDiff.
Method has_conflicts Undocumented
Class Method fromBranchMergeProposal Create a PreviewDiff from a BranchMergeProposal.
Class Method create Create a PreviewDiff with specified values.
Method stale See IPreviewDiff.
Method getFileByName See IPreviewDiff.
def title(self):
See IPreviewDiff.
def has_conflicts(self):
def fromBranchMergeProposal(cls, bmp):
Create a PreviewDiff from a BranchMergeProposal.

Includes a diff from the source to the target. :param bmp: The BranchMergeProposal to generate a PreviewDiff for. :return: A PreviewDiff.

def create(cls, bmp, diff_content, source_revision_id, target_revision_id, prerequisite_revision_id, conflicts, strip_prefix_segments=0):
Create a PreviewDiff with specified values.
ParametersbmpThe BranchMergeProposal this diff references.
diff_contentThe text of the diff, as bytes.
source_revision_idThe revision_id of the source branch.
target_revision_idThe revision_id of the target branch.
prerequisite_revision_idThe revision_id of the prerequisite branch.
conflictsThe conflicts, as text.
ReturnsA PreviewDiff with specified values.
def stale(self):
See IPreviewDiff.
def getFileByName(self, filename):
See IPreviewDiff.
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