l.c.b.t.t.TestBrokenExistingRecipesMixin : class documentation

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Known subclasses: lp.code.browser.tests.test_sourcepackagerecipe.TestBrokenExistingRecipesBzr, lp.code.browser.tests.test_sourcepackagerecipe.TestBrokenExistingRecipesGit

Existing recipes broken by builder updates need to be editable.

This happened with a 0.2 -> 0.3 release where the nest command was no longer allowed to refer the '.'. There were already existing recipes that had this text that were not viewable or editable. This test case captures that and makes sure the views stay visible.

Method makeBrokenRecipe Make a valid recipe, then break it.
Method test_recipe_is_broken Undocumented
Method assertRecipeInText If the first line is shown, that's good enough for us.
Method test_recipe_index_renderable Undocumented
Method test_recipe_edit_renderable Undocumented
def makeBrokenRecipe(self):
Make a valid recipe, then break it.
def test_recipe_is_broken(self):
def assertRecipeInText(self, text):
If the first line is shown, that's good enough for us.
def test_recipe_index_renderable(self):
def test_recipe_edit_renderable(self):
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