l.b.t.test_manager : module documentation

Part of lp.buildmaster.tests

Tests for the renovated slave scanner aka BuilddManager.
Class TestSlaveScannerScan Tests SlaveScanner.scan method.
Class TestSlaveScannerWithLibrarian Undocumented
Class TestPrefetchedBuilderFactory Undocumented
Class TestSlaveScannerWithoutDB Undocumented
Class TestJudgeFailure Undocumented
Class TestCancellationChecking Unit tests for the checkCancellation method.
Class TestBuilddManager Undocumented
Class TestFailureAssessments Undocumented
Class TestNewBuilders Test detecting of new builders.
Function is_file_growing Poll the file size to see if it grows.
Class TestBuilddManagerScript Undocumented
def is_file_growing(filepath, poll_interval=1, poll_repeat=10):
Poll the file size to see if it grows.

Checks the size of the file in given intervals and returns True as soon as it sees the size increase between two polls. If the size does not increase after a given number of polls, the function returns False. If the file does not exist, the function silently ignores that and waits for it to appear on the next pall. If it has not appeared by the last poll, the exception is propagated. Program execution is blocked during polling.

ParametersfilepathThe path to the file to be palled.
poll_intervalThe number of seconds in between two polls.
poll_repeatThe number times to repeat the polling, so the size is polled a total of poll_repeat+1 times. The default values create a total poll time of 11 seconds. The BuilddManager logs "scanning cycles" every 5 seconds so these settings should see an increase if the process is logging to this file.
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