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Module harness TacHandler for buildd-manager daemon.
Module mock_slaves Mock Build objects for tests soyuz buildd-system.
Module test_builder Test Builder features.
Module test_buildfarmjob Tests for IBuildFarmJob.
Module test_buildfarmjobbehaviour Unit tests for BuildFarmJobBehaviourBase.
Module test_buildmaster_documentation Runs the doctests for buildmaster module.
Module test_buildqueue Test BuildQueue features.
Module test_doc Run pagetests.
Module test_interactor Test BuilderInteractor features.
Module test_manager Tests for the renovated slave scanner aka BuilddManager.
Module test_packagebuild Tests for IPackageBuild.
Module test_processor Test Processor features.
Module test_queuedepth Test BuildQueue start time estimation.
Module test_webservice Tests for the builders webservice .
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