l.b.t.test_buildfarmjobbehaviour : module documentation

Part of lp.buildmaster.tests

Unit tests for BuildFarmJobBehaviourBase.
Class FakeBuildFarmJob Dummy BuildFarmJob.
Class FakeLibraryFileContent Undocumented
Class FakeLibraryFileAlias Undocumented
Class FakePocketChroot Undocumented
Class FakeDistroArchSeries Undocumented
Class TestBuildFarmJobBehaviourBase Test very small, basic bits of BuildFarmJobBehaviourBase.
Class TestDispatchBuildToSlave Undocumented
Class TestGetUploadMethodsMixin Tests for IPackageBuild that need objects from the rest of LP.
Class TestVerifySuccessfulBuildMixin Tests for IBuildFarmJobBehaviour's verifySuccessfulBuild method.
Class TestHandleStatusMixin Tests for `IPackageBuild`s handleStatus method.
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