l.b.s.c.t.t.NonConnectingBugzillaAPI(BugzillaAPI) : class documentation

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A non-connected version of the BugzillaAPI ExternalBugTracker.
Method getCurrentDBTime See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getExternalBugTrackerToUse The Bugzilla API has been chosen, so return self.

Inherited from BugzillaAPI:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method xmlrpc_proxy Return an xmlrpclib.ServerProxy to self.xmlrpc_endpoint.
Method credentials Undocumented
Method initializeRemoteBugDB See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteStatus See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteImportance See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getModifiedRemoteBugs See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteProduct See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getProductsForRemoteBugs Return the products to which a set of remote bugs belong.
Method getCommentIds See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method fetchComments See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method getPosterForComment See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method getMessageForComment See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method addRemoteComment Add a comment to the remote bugtracker.
Method getLaunchpadBugId Return the Launchpad bug ID for the remote bug.
Method setLaunchpadBugId Set the Launchpad bug for a given remote bug.
Method _authenticate Authenticate with the remote Bugzilla instance.
Method _storeBugs Store remote bugs in the local bugs dict.
Method _getActualBugId Return the actual bug id for an alias or id.
Method _getBugIdsToRetrieve For a set of bug IDs, return those for which we have no data.

Inherited from Bugzilla (via BugzillaAPI):

Method convertRemoteImportance See ExternalBugTracker.
Method convertRemoteStatus See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteBug See ExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteBugBatch See ExternalBugTracker.
Method _remoteSystemHasBugzillaAPI Return True if the remote host offers the Bugzilla API.
Method _remoteSystemHasPluginAPI Return True if the remote host has the Launchpad plugin installed.
Method _parseDOMString Return a minidom instance representing the XML contents supplied
Method _probe_version Retrieve and return a remote bugzilla version.
Method _parseVersion Return a Bugzilla version parsed into a tuple.
Method _checkBugSearchResult Does document appear to be a bug search result page?
def getCurrentDBTime(self):
See IExternalBugTracker.
def getExternalBugTrackerToUse(self):
The Bugzilla API has been chosen, so return self.
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