l.b.s.checkwatches : package documentation

Part of lp.bugs.scripts

Top-level __init__ for the checkwatches package.
Module base Common classes and functions for the checkwatches system.
Module bugwatchupdater Classes and logic for the checkwatches BugWatchUpdater.
Module core Classes and logic for the checkwatches cronscript.
Module remotebugupdater Classes and logic for the remote bug updater.
Module scheduler Code for the BugWatch scheduler.
Package tests No package docstring; 5/5 modules documented
Module utilities Utility functions for checkwatches.

From the __init__.py module:

Class CheckWatchesCronScript No class docstring; 1/2 methods documented
Class CheckwatchesMaster Takes responsibility for updating remote bug watches.
Class SerialScheduler Run jobs in order, one at a time.
Class TwistedThreadScheduler Run jobs in threads, chaperoned by Twisted.
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