l.b.s.c.t.t.NoBugWatchesByRemoteBugUpdater(RemoteBugUpdater) : class documentation

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A subclass of RemoteBugUpdater with methods overridden for testing.
Method _getBugWatchesForRemoteBug Return an empty list.

Inherited from RemoteBugUpdater:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method updateRemoteBug Undocumented
Method _convertRemoteStatus Convert a remote status to a Launchpad one and return it.
Method _convertRemoteImportance Convert a remote importance to a Launchpad one and return it.
Method _convertRemoteValue Convert a remote bug value to a Launchpad value and return it.

Inherited from WorkingBase (via RemoteBugUpdater):

Method init Undocumented
Method initFromParent Undocumented
Method interaction Context manager for interaction as the given user.
Method transaction Context manager to ring-fence database activity.
Method statement_logging Context manager to start and stop SQL statement logging.
Method warning Record a warning.
Method error Record an error.
Method _statement_logging_start Start logging SQL statements and other database activity.
Method _statement_logging_stop Stop logging SQL statements.
Method _statement_logging_reset Reset the SQL statement log, if enabled.
def _getBugWatchesForRemoteBug(self):
Return an empty list.

This method overrides _getBugWatchesForRemoteBug() so that bug 497141 can be regression-tested.

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