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None of the remote bugs have products.
Method getProductsForRemoteBugs Return the products to which a set of remote bugs belong.

Inherited from BugzillaAPI:

Method __init__ Undocumented
Method getExternalBugTrackerToUse The Bugzilla API has been chosen, so return self.
Method xmlrpc_proxy Return an xmlrpclib.ServerProxy to self.xmlrpc_endpoint.
Method credentials Undocumented
Method getCurrentDBTime See IExternalBugTracker.
Method initializeRemoteBugDB See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteStatus See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteImportance See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getModifiedRemoteBugs See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteProduct See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getCommentIds See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method fetchComments See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method getPosterForComment See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method getMessageForComment See ISupportsCommentImport.
Method addRemoteComment Add a comment to the remote bugtracker.
Method getLaunchpadBugId Return the Launchpad bug ID for the remote bug.
Method setLaunchpadBugId Set the Launchpad bug for a given remote bug.
Method _authenticate Authenticate with the remote Bugzilla instance.
Method _storeBugs Store remote bugs in the local bugs dict.
Method _getActualBugId Return the actual bug id for an alias or id.
Method _getBugIdsToRetrieve For a set of bug IDs, return those for which we have no data.

Inherited from Bugzilla (via BugzillaAPI):

Method convertRemoteImportance See ExternalBugTracker.
Method convertRemoteStatus See IExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteBug See ExternalBugTracker.
Method getRemoteBugBatch See ExternalBugTracker.
Method _remoteSystemHasBugzillaAPI Return True if the remote host offers the Bugzilla API.
Method _remoteSystemHasPluginAPI Return True if the remote host has the Launchpad plugin installed.
Method _parseDOMString Return a minidom instance representing the XML contents supplied
Method _probe_version Retrieve and return a remote bugzilla version.
Method _parseVersion Return a Bugzilla version parsed into a tuple.
Method _checkBugSearchResult Does document appear to be a bug search result page?
def getProductsForRemoteBugs(self, remote_bug_ids):
Return the products to which a set of remote bugs belong.
Parametersbug_idsA list of bug IDs or aliases.
ReturnsA dict of (bug_id_or_alias, product) mappings. If a bug ID specified in bug_ids is invalid, it will be ignored.
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