l.b.s.c.t.test_bugwatchupdater : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.scripts.checkwatches.tests

Tests for the checkwatches.bugwatchupdater module.
Function make_bug_watch_updater Helper function to create a BugWatchUpdater instance.
Class BrokenCommentSyncingExternalBugTracker An ExternalBugTracker that can't sync comments.
Class KnownBrokenCommentSyncingExternalBugTracker An ExternalBugTracker that fails in a known manner.
Class LoggingBugWatchUpdater A BugWatchUpdater that logs what's going on.
Class BugWatchUpdaterTestCase Tests the functionality of the BugWatchUpdater class.
def make_bug_watch_updater(checkwatches_master, bug_watch, external_bugtracker, server_time=None, can_import_comments=False, can_push_comments=False, can_back_link=False):
Helper function to create a BugWatchUpdater instance.
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