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Known subclasses: lp.bugs.interfaces.bug.IBugAddForm

The core bug entry.
Method getVisibleLinkedBranches Return all the branches linked to the bug that user can see.
Method getVisibleLinkedMergeProposals Return all the MPs linked to the bug that user can see.

Inherited from IBugPublic:

Method userCanView Return True if user can see this IBug, false otherwise.

Inherited from IPrivacy (via IBugPublic):

Bool private Private objects are visible to members or subscribers.

Inherited from IBugView:

Int ownerID Undocumented
TextLine displayname Undocumented
Attribute affected_pillars The "pillars", products or distributions, affected by this bug.
Bool permits_expiration Expiration is permitted when the bug is not valid anywhere, a message was sent to the bug reporter, and the bug is associated with pillars that have enabled bug expiration.
Bool is_complete True or False depending on whether this bug is considered completely addressed. A bug in Launchpad is completely addressed when there are no tasks that are still open for the bug.
Attribute official_tags The official bug tags relevant to this bug.
Bool has_cves Undocumented
Attribute has_patches Does this bug have any patches?
Attribute latest_patch The most recent patch of this bug.
Attribute initial_message The message that was specified when creating the bug
Attribute questions List of questions related to this bug.
Attribute specifications List of related specifications.
Attribute followup_subject The likely subject of the next message.
Attribute bug_messages The bug messages related to this object.
Attribute comment_count The number of comments on this bug, not including the initial comment.
Method getSpecifications List of related specifications that the user can view.
Method isSubscribed Is person subscribed to this bug?
Method isSubscribedToDupes Is person directly subscribed to dupes of this bug?
Method isMuted Does person have a muted subscription on this bug?
Method getDirectSubscriptions A sequence of IBugSubscriptions directly linked to this bug.
Method getDirectSubscribers A list of IPersons that are directly subscribed to this bug.
Method getDirectSubscribersWithDetails Get direct subscribers and their subscriptions for the bug.
Method getIndirectSubscribers Return IPersons that are indirectly subscribed to this bug.
Method getAlsoNotifiedSubscribers Return IPersons in the "Also notified" subscriber list.
Method getSubscriptionsFromDuplicates Return IBugSubscriptions subscribed from dupes of this bug.
Method getSubscribersFromDuplicates Return IPersons subscribed from dupes of this bug.
Method getSubscribersForPerson Find the persons or teams by which person is subscribed.
Method getSubscriptionForPerson Return the BugSubscription for a Person to this Bug.
Method getSubscriptionInfo Return a BugSubscriptionInfo at the given level.
Method getBugNotificationRecipients Return a complete INotificationRecipientSet instance.
Method clearBugNotificationRecipientsCache Clear the bug notification recipient BugNotificationLevel cache.
Method canBeAQuestion Return True of False if a question can be created from this bug.
Method getQuestionCreatedFromBug Return the question created from this Bug, or None.
Method getMessagesForView Return BugMessage,Message,MessageChunks for renderinger.
Method canBeNominatedFor Can this bug nominated for this target?
Method getNominationFor Return the IBugNomination for the target.
Method getNominations Return a list of all IBugNominations for this bug.
Method getBugWatch Return the BugWatch that has the given bugtracker and remote bug.
Method getBugTask Return the bugtask with the specified target.
Method getBugTasksByPackageName Return a mapping from ISourcePackageName to its bug tasks.
Method isUserAffected Is :user: marked as affected by this bug?
Method userCanSetCommentVisibility Return True if user can set bug comment visibility.
Method getHWSubmissions Return HWDB submissions linked to this bug.
Method isExpirable Is this bug eligible for expiration and was it last updated
Method getActivityForDateRange Return all the IBugActivity for this bug in a date range.
Method shouldConfirmBugtasks Should we try to confirm this bug's bugtasks?
Method maybeConfirmBugtasks Maybe try to confirm our new bugtasks.
Method personIsDirectSubscriber Return True if the person is a direct subscriber to this IBug.
Method personIsAlsoNotifiedSubscriber Return True if the person is an indirect subscriber to this IBug.
Method personIsSubscribedToDuplicate Return True if the person subscribed to a duplicate of this IBug.
Method getAllowedInformationTypes Get a list of acceptable `InformationType`s for this bug.
Method _indexed_messages Low level query for getting bug messages.

Inherited from IBugAppend:

Method addAttachment Attach a file to this bug.
Method addCommentNotification Add a bug comment notification.
Method addChange Record a change to the bug.
Method addNomination Nominate a bug for an IDistroSeries or IProductSeries.
Method addWatch Create a new watch for this bug on the given remote bug and bug
Method removeWatch Remove a bug watch from the bug.
Method addTask Create a new bug task on this bug.
Method convertToQuestion Create and return a Question from this Bug.
Method expireNotifications Expire any pending notifications that have not been emailed.
Method findCvesInText Find any CVE references in the given text, make sure they exist
Method linkAttachment Link an ILibraryFileAlias to this bug.
Method linkMergeProposal Ensure that this MP is linked to this bug.
Method unlinkMergeProposal Ensure that any links between this bug and the given MP are removed.
Method linkCVE Ensure that this CVE is linked to this bug.
Method unlinkCVE Ensure that any links between this bug and the given CVE are
Method setPrivate Set bug privacy.
Method setSecurityRelated Set bug security.
Method transitionToInformationType Set the information type for this bug.
Method linkHWSubmission Link a HWSubmission to this bug.
Method unlinkHWSubmission Remove a link to a HWSubmission.
Method linkMessage Add a comment to this bug.
Method markUserAffected Mark :user: as affected by this bug.
Method markAsDuplicate Mark this bug as a duplicate of another.
Method setCommentVisibility Set the visible attribute on a bug comment. This is restricted
Method mute Add a muted subscription for person.
Method unmute Remove a muted subscription for person.
Method newMessage Create a new message, and link it to this object.
Method subscribe Subscribe person to the bug.
Method unsubscribe Remove this person's subscription to this bug.
Method unsubscribeFromDupes Remove this person's subscription from all dupes of this bug.
Method setStatus Set the status of the bugtask related to the specified target.

Inherited from IHasLinkedBranches:

Method linkBranch Associate a branch with this bug.
Method unlinkBranch Unlink a branch from this bug.
def getVisibleLinkedBranches(user):
Return all the branches linked to the bug that user can see.
def getVisibleLinkedMergeProposals(user):
Return all the MPs linked to the bug that user can see.
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