l.b.i.webservice : module documentation

Part of lp.bugs.interfaces

All the interfaces that are exposed through the webservice.

There is a declaration in ZCML somewhere that looks like:
<webservice:register module="lp.bugs.interfaces.webservice" />

which tells lazr.restful that it should look for webservice exports here.

Interface IBug The core bug entry.
Interface IBugActivity A log of all things that have happened to a bug.
Interface IBugAttachment A file attachment to an IBug.
Interface IBugBranch A branch linked to a bug.
Interface IBugLinkTarget An entity which can be linked to bugs.
Class BugNominationStatusError A error occurred while trying to set a bug nomination status.
Interface IBugNomination A nomination for a bug to be fixed in a specific series.
Class NominationError The bug cannot be nominated for this release.
Class NominationSeriesObsoleteError A bug cannot be nominated for an obsolete series.
Interface IBugSubscription The relationship between a person and a bug.
Interface IBugSubscriptionFilter A bug subscription filter.
Interface IBugTarget An entity on which a bug can be reported.
Interface IHasBugs An entity which has a collection of bug tasks.
Interface IBugTask A bug needing fixing in a particular product or package.
Class IllegalTarget Exception raised when trying to set an illegal bug task target.
Class UserCannotEditBugTaskAssignee User not permitted to change bugtask assignees.
Class UserCannotEditBugTaskImportance User not permitted to change importance.
Class UserCannotEditBugTaskMilestone User not permitted to change milestone.
Class UserCannotEditBugTaskStatus User not permitted to change status.
Class IllegalRelatedBugTasksParams Exception raised when trying to overwrite all relevant parameters
Interface IBugTracker A remote bug system.
Interface IBugTrackerComponent The software component in the remote bug tracker.
Interface IBugTrackerComponentGroup A collection of components in a remote bug tracker.
Interface IBugTrackerSet A set of IBugTracker's.
Interface IBugWatch A bug on a remote system.
Interface ICve A single CVE database entry.
Interface ICveSet The set of ICve objects.
Interface IMaloneApplication Application root for malone.
Interface IStructuralSubscription A subscription to a Launchpad structure.
Interface IStructuralSubscriptionTarget A Launchpad Structure allowing users to subscribe to it.
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